Ever jumped in the pool for a fun workout, but found yourself swimming endlessly without much direction or incentive? We have. So to put some structure to our workouts, we created SwimCraze.
SwimCraze was made by professionals who have been swimmers for most of their lives. Workouts produced by the program are constantly being test-swum, and double-checked for quality by our community members and volunteers. It is extremely important to us that SwimCraze provides balanced workouts for its users, and gives them an optimal exercising/training experience. But most of all, our goal is to make swimming fun.
Generating a workout is easier than ever with our website. You're just a few clicks away from making your own!
Curious about our VIP experience? We wanted to make a website that caters to swimmers like us. We wanted more than just a workout builder. We were looking for a comprehensive experience that allowed fine tuning of the workouts, setting goals, tracking what we swim, sharing workouts with each other, and having complete control over all swimming sets. All VIP features were designed with this in mind. We're very happy with how it turned out, and we hope you can experience it too!
Questions? Comments? Email support@swimcraze.com